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He is one of the most renowned athletes in Rwanda. He started his carrier many years ago and keeps racing up to now. Disi Dieudonné expressed to Umuseke his willingness to become a professional coach in the field. He said that he plans to embark in this new field after receiving the training in the field in Paris, Versailles.

Niamey, NIGER:  Rwanda's Dessi Dieudonne leads at the start of the men's 10,000 meters in the fifth Francophone Games 11 December 2005 in Niamey at Seny Kountche stadium. Dieudonne won the heat.  (Photo credit should read ISSOUF SANOGO/AFP/Getty Images)
Niamey, NIGER: Rwanda’s Dessi Dieudonne leads at the start of the men’s 10,000 meters

Disi Dieudonné revealed to Umuseke that he will coach children in the beginning as to help them develop their talents.

This renowned athlet owns a third degree in coaching but intends to achieve a superior one in the field and thereafter will start his coaching activities, he told our reporter.

He tends to help his students being involved in different tourments across the globe.

To another side, Disi deplores the level of athletics in Rwanda. For him, it should improve and reach another extent.

He is saddened by the fact that Kenya, Ethiopia and Burundi have achieved more than Rwanda in athletics and own many Olympic medals than Rwanda.

Disi explains that is poor performance in athletics results from the fact that the policy makers do not privilege this game.

The 35 years old athlete has a golden medal that he won in 2005 when attending the Jeux de la Francophonie in Niger (10. 000 Km).

He has been handled with many medals won in different contests he attended across the world.

Disi is currently for the t in France after which he will attend the coaching courses.


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