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Last Saturday, different districts hosted sporting activities that aimed to honor Genocide victims who good at practicing sporting activities across Rwanda Districts such as Rabavu,Rwamagana,Musanze ,Huye and Nyarugenge hosted the activities.Below is a summary of how activities were organized and performed:

Sport,health and history



Huye Distruct  is a district in the Southern Province.Students from secondary schools along side public civil servants workers from different institutions participated in sporting activities that took place in National University’ stadium.After sports,young people received a civic education whereby  guests explained to them different issues releting to causes and consequences of 1994 genocide .The representative of CNLG explained to the youth that genocide is rooted on disunity,hatred and segregation.

One minute of silence in honor to innocent Tutsi who passed away in 1994 genocide


Eugene Muzuka,from Huye District, explained to the youth that Rwandan government strives to shape a secured  society and where development without discrimination of any kind reigns.

Both young and old walk to remember victims of 1994 genocide


Dr Harebamungu Mathias,the State Minister in charge of primary and secondary education, argued that young people need physical exercises through sporting activities and that sport should become one of their daily hobbies.

we promote both security and sport,both make life enjoyable


“Sporting activities are meant to be one of monthly activities for every secondary school in the country”Dr Harebamungu said.At the end of these constructive discussions,the congregation had ‘a walk to remember’ that headed to National University Memorial Site to honor victims of Genocide against Tutsi who were sports players or fans.


The same event took place at Nyarugenege District.In Nyamirambo Regional Stadium,young people  gathered to enjoy sporting activities aiming  at helping them to acquire sporting skills and habits.Different sports were practiced.After that ,all the crowd interchanged ideas about good governance and issues relating  to genocide prevention.Officials from RGB,CNLG and the Nyarugenge District were present at the occasion.

Peace and development are our targets number one.


Madame Mukasonga Solange,Mayor of Nyarugenge District reminded the gathering the sad history our country has gone through.With conviction,she underlined that current government is committed to establishing  socio- economic policies that pave a strong and prosperous basis for a future Rwanda.

“Young people are the ones to avoid  disunity or segregation because this is where genocide is rooted”The Representative of CNLG underlined. The congregation honored Tutsi massacred during the 1994 Genocide through having a ‘walk to remember’.

c.Rubavu(No peace no sport)

Rubavu District is located in Western Province of Rwanda. At Umuganda Stadium ,the same event was held where the youth  gathered to hear form guests coming from RGB,CNLG and from Rubavu District.

We have peace,let do sport!


The event started with a walk to remember in memory of Tutsi who lost their lives in 1994 among whom sportspersons were many.”No peace no sport” that was the slogan at the event. Indeed, a youth that is educated for peace are the ones that will promote friendly sporting activities ,with all other activities relating to peaceful livelihoods.

We pertained with RGB both during the  preparation and implementation of these sporting activities because we believe  policy makers are the ones that committed genocide and should be the ones to set adequate measures to hinder  it from happening again”Louis Ndahirwa, the Representative of CNLG underlined.

Ignatius Kabagambe addressing the congregation


RGB representative, Mr Ignatius Kabagambe, pointed the fact ‘patriotism is a milestone in the fight against divisions among Rwandans as this is our common motherland’. For him, ‘good governance is rooted on patriotism’thus future leaders of Rwanda are required to cultivate that high moral  and national value.


Rwamagana was privileged to have Dr Vincent Biruta, the Minister of Education as the Guest of Honor to attend and participate in the sporting activities organized to take place there last Saturday. The activities started with a walk to remember that honored Tutsi who vanished during the genocide perpetrated the Tutsi in 1994.

Minister Vincent Biruta, at Rwamagana.

Different officials present at the event  expressed their views on good governance whereby tolerance, friendship and patriotism were mush talked about as being  the milestones for better future especially to prospective Rwandan leaders of tomorrow.

Dr Vincent Biruta told the youth that ‘ practicing  sporting activities develops physical fitness that improves  health’.Sportpersons are ‘disciplined people who respect each other and never kill each other. We are ought to develop such positive views’Biruta concluded.

Dr Biruta leading the team
Sport for life
Let us discuss about our History!
I jump for peace and development
Massive attendance at Umuganda Stadium
This is a military jumping style.Can you imitate me for your good health?
We will never forget you! Never!
A calm and focused youth.

Daddy Sadiki Rubangura& Maisha Patrick