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Plans are underway for the relocation of University Teaching Hospital of Kigali (CHUK) from its current location within the Central Business District.

Sources have it that the facility will be relocated to Masaka.

Dr Theobald Hategekimana, the director general, confirmed the relocation plans to The New Times but noted that all aspects were being handled by the Ministry of Health.

The Minister for Health Dr Diane Gashumba told The New Times that the designs for the facility’s new location were being finalised with the help of the Chinese government.

She noted that construction is set to begin this year but the completion dates will be clear once the designs are complete.

“Design is being finalised with our partners, the Chinese government. Work is expected to start this year. We will have the precise time when the designs are complete,” she said.

The cost estimates of the new facility are yet to become clear.

According to the city master plan, CHUK’s current location – opposite Kigali Serena Hotel – is designated for apartments.

Fred Mugisha, from One Stop Centre of the City of Kigali, confirmed that according to the master plan the area is designated for apartment blocks.

He, however, noted that, being a public amenity, the hospital is not in contravention of the plan as it stands currently.

The CHUK was constructed in 1918 and it started operations in 1928. Initially it operated as a health centre before upgrading to a hospital in 1965.

The facility currently serves as a referral hospital.

From April 1994 to 1996, CHUK served as a health centre, a district hospital and a referral hospital.

The city master plan was approved in 2013.


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