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Dr Jose Chameleone, who was in Bukavu, Congo, over the weekend for a music concert, has praised the fans for the love they showed him.

Dr Chameleon

The “Badilisha” singer who believes he has a chance to follow his music where ever it is and will always celebrate the culture and the people he sings for said Tuesday:

“I am glad to have a chance to follow my music wherever it goes and as I fly back home I will always celebrate that I met a culture and people who feel what I sing but don’t understand every bit of what I say.”   “As I head home, Uganda, I can’t wait to see my family because in just a few days I will be away again.

We imported a lot of Congolese music it’s time they pay back and import OURS. Thanks for the love BUKAVU.”   Meanwhile, Chameleone, who spent a night at Highlands Suites Hotel in Nyarutarama, a leafy Kigali suburb, gave a Shs6000 shilling tip to a waiter for job well done.

“DR.Jose Chameleone was in highlands suites hotel Nyarutarama kigali Rwanda where I work from, He was shocked for the good service I gave him he said to me ‘Rwanda hotels are like those in UK he gave me tip of 1500rwf/6000ugs,” the excited waiter posted on his Facebook wall.   Chameleone is considered as one of the greatest artistes in the region.

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