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Rwanda will never have talks with Genocide criminals -Mushikiwabo

During an interview Rwandan Minister in Charge of Foreign affairs  and Cooperation held with RFI(Radio-France Internationale) yesterday she  argued that Rwanda ,by no means, can


Rwanda leads East Africa Community peers in revenue collection

Rwanda’s revenue collection performance is better compared to Uganda and its East African Community peers, Uganda Revenue Authority’s regional revenue report indicates. According to the


President Kikwete argues Rwanda should have talks with FDLR

It was during a celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Creation of the African Union that the  Tanzanian President Mr Jakaya Kikwete expressed his


Rubavu:Police investigates on newly born beast

The story ranked among the most narrated ones in  local media last Week- end  until recently.In Rubavu District last Friday,a woman gave birth to a


Nduba:Mutuélle de Santé downdegrades in registration rate

Last Saturday 25th  May 2013 in Nduba Sector, Gasabo District,Kigali City, local population were sensitized to keep registering for Mutuelle de Santé despite the fact


Gunfire in Kinigi last Friday 25, May, 2013

Around 8:30P.M in Kinigi District ,inhabitants woke up at hearing the gunfire in the neighborhoods. But officials are not sure about the origin of the


24, May, 2013: I don’t know when peace in Congo will be effective-Ban Ki-Moon

During his recent official visit in Rwanda UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon expressed his concerns about the achievement of peace in neighbor Congo, saying that,


EAC: Rwanda and Kenya: Citizenship and housing bill made easy.

According to a recent  Joint committee set up in the angle of understanding how far housing and citizenship conditions are made accessible  in the Community


New Bandal, Remera, on fire

Around 4:00 PM, New Bandal Motel gone on fire .This Motel, located in Kicukiro ,near Alpha Palace Hotel burned in unknown circumstances.However,according to the worker from


Politics: Rwanda, Burundi and DRC wish to create a joint criminal court.

Politics: Rwanda, Burundi and DRC wish to create a joint criminal court.  These three countries (Rwanda, Burundi and DRC) are eager to stop a widespread