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H.E Paul Kagame reacts to Kikwete’ speech.

During the Graduation Ceremony of 45 soldiers who graduated from Nyakinama Senior Command and Staff College, His Excellence Paul Kagame revealed to the audience four


General Kazura appointed Chief Commander of MINUSMA

UN has appointed Rwandan General Kazura Jean Bosco as Chief Commandant of MINUSMA according to UN online source.The ex-FERWAFA manager will be assisted with a


Nyakinama: 45 graduated at Nyakinama Senior Command and Staff College

After 46 Weeks of intensive training in military skills, 45 high ranking military officers graduated in the presence of His Excellence Paul Kagame who is


A Handover between Musoni and Ford Mugabo

Two days after Madame Ford Stella Mugabo swore in to become the Minister in charge of Cabinet Affairs,today she received her new ministerial responsibilities officials


National Police warns Night clubs for sound pollution.

This warning concerns not only night clubs, but also bars and restaurants where music is turned up at a high level so to create sound


Rulindo: 65 young become IT professionals

After a two-weeks training session that took place at Tumba College of Technilogy, 65 young people graduated in different areas including Computer maintenance courses. The


There is a huge work ahead for our development-H.E Paul Kagame

Today the 7th ,June,2013,  a  new cabinet members sworn in.In  a ceremony that was under the auspices of His Excellence Paul Kagame,Mr Johnston Busingye, Stella


What matters most is solving problems..-Michel Flesch

This is the declaration of French Ambassador to Rwanda addressing journalists after his visit to the President of Senate, Dr Ntawukuriryayo Jean Damascène, Yesterday, 06,


19th Commemoration: RDB commemorates the Genocide against the Tutsi.

This Thursday, 06, June, 2013, RDB commemorated the Genocide perpetrated against the Genocide in 1994. With a banderol highlighting the 19th commemoration theme that is


Major Uwumuremyi against BBC

Maj Vital Uwumuremyi accuses BBC for having broadcasted news that ‘he intentionally urinated upon Ntaganda’ plate’ broadcasted  on 20, Sept, 2013 . Major Uwumuremyi asks