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Intelligent people can overcome the ‘instinct’ of religion, experts claim

From Stephen Hawking to Alan Turing, many of the most intelligent people in the world are atheists. In the hope of understanding the link between


Cities need ‘hedges rather than trees’ for environment

Hedges are often better than trees at soaking up air pollution among tall buildings, research has suggested. A paper in the journal Atmospheric Environment says


Ransomware: Cyber-attack threat escalating – Europol

Friday’s cyber-attack has affected more than 200,000 victims in 150 countries, Europol chief Rob Wainwright says. Speaking to Britain’s ITV, he said the world faced


What to expect with the iPhone 8

On Tuesday’s earnings call, the Apple CEO blamed a slowdown in iPhone sales on rumors about future iPhones. Apple is expected to release an especially


Apple Watch competitor will come complete with wireless earbuds

It may not be a surprise that the Apple Watch reigns supreme in wearables – but a new report has suggested that the runner up


Has the mystery of the Mona Lisa been solved? New study claims Leonardo da Vinci’s model IS smiling

The subject of centuries of scrutiny and debate, Mona Lisa’s famous smile is routinely described as ambiguous. But is it really that hard to read?


A Glimpse Into the Life of a Slave Sold to Save Georgetown

He was an enslaved teenager on a Jesuit plantation in Maryland on the night that the stars fell. It was November 1833, and meteor showers


All I need is the air that I breathe…

City governments invest a lot in job creation—they plan infrastructure, skills initiatives, and industry support with the goal to improve productivity and generate jobs and


Wild African elephants sleep just two HOURS a day

They are the giants of the animal kingdom – but new research has found that elephants get by on a tiny amount of sleep. African


RRA seizes unlawfully imported beverages of the tradesman Nkusi Godeffrey

The Rwanda Revenue Authority announced that it seized boxes full of 695 beverages labeled as unlawfully imported without tax clearance from legal bodies. However, the businessman