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Chinese startup unveils bizarre bikes that absorb pollution and release clean air

It is one of the most polluted countries on the planet, but a new project hopes to use pedal power to help free China of its smog-filled


The changing colors of the Statue of Liberty

New York’s iconic, blue-green statue of liberty wasn’t always green. When the statue was gifted to the US from France in 1885, she was actually a


The 50-year-old little boy

From behind, Basori Lal could be mistaken for a child – standing at just 29 inches tall. But in fact he is 50 years old,


Study reveals the shocking ‘death patrols’ warrior gang in Uganda uses to keep rivals off their turf

Male chimpanzees in Uganda’s notorious Ngogo clan are now known to patrol the borders of their territory, actively seeking out members of rival groups to


Why tea is better than beer: the tea vs. beer smackdown!

Currently, beer is the third most popular drink in the world, after water and tea.  Until the 18th century, tea was unknown to most people


Is This the Electric Car That’s Going to Trump Tesla?

Here, in the motor court of a $55 million Newport Beach estate, climbing into the rear of the Lucid Air for test ride, we’re already


The Tunisian women who want to be virgins again

In Tunisia, young women are expected to be virgins when they marry, leading to a growing trade in hymen reconstruction surgery. Yasmine (not her real


How isolated students can get healed through psychotherapy services

It is natural for ones to feel lonely when they are isolated from the others, but it doesn’t hurt as hard as when someone feels


Could SNAKE VENOM replace aspirin for heart disease patients?

Snake venom may replace aspirin as a protein found in the poison of a species native to south-east Asia thins the blood without side effects,


Microsoft to deliver Microsoft cloud from data centres in Africa to Enable Greater Innovation

Recently Microsoft revealed plans to deliver the complete, intelligent Microsoft Cloud for the first time from data centres located in Africa. This new investment is a