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Kenyan ‘corpse’ Wakes Up In Naivasha Morgue

Kenyan authorities have launched an investigation into how a man declared dead in a hospital woke up alive in its morgue the next day. Shocked mortuary workers


The top 12 free apps that can save you a fortune

With an app called Red Laser you can find out if something you’re about to buy in a shop is being sold cheaper elsewhere. Click the


Iran: Archeologists Discover 5 Meters Tall Human Skeletons

Tehran| A group of russian archeologists working on a dig site in western Iran has made what could be the greatest discovery in decades. They


South African Pastor tells the flock to eat grass and steps over them

Pastor Daniel Lesego of Rabboni Centre Ministries situated at zone 2 Ga-Rankuwa, north of Pretoria, South Africa made his members eat grass and stepped on


Man Kills Wife Over Whatsapp Photos

A 41-year-old  man appeared in court yesterday facing a murder charge after he allegedly fatally assaulted his wife on New Year’s Eve accusing her of


CES 2014: Phones morph into ‘stun guns’ and ‘tricorders’

Add-ons that turn smartphones into Star Trek-like tricorder medical diagnostic kits, Predator-style thermal vision cameras and even electric “stun guns” are being promoted at the


A Brezilian man called Jesus cross the world followed by a crowd of women

A 66-year-old Brazilian man has spent 35 years preaching the word of God – because he believes he is the reincarnation of Jesus. Inri Cristo has


Paleontologists Discover a Hidden Dinosaur

There’s more than one way to make a significant dinosaur discovery. You can fill up water bottles, slather on sunscreen, and strike out across exposed


5 Things To Do While You’re Single

Being single is not a disease, It’s an opportunity for you to grow, learn, and experience life in a way that you won’t be able


China Crushes Six Tons of Confiscated Elephant Ivory

On January 6, the government of China held a public ceremony to destroy six tons of elephant ivory seized from the illegal trade. The event