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Could humans the size of CHICKENS be the future of mankind?

For much of the history of humankind, bigger has been better. As our ancestors got taller, they became faster and stronger, allowing them to better


Proposed panty-like female condom excites Ugandan market

Just a few hours after the World Female Condom Day, a new panty- like female condom due to go on the market excited the public


Father disowns child with two sex organs

A 19-year-old father has disowned his two-and-half-year-old daughter for having two sexual organs. According to the mother of the child, Ms Dorah Namirembe, 18, a


‘Dead’ man resurrects moments before burial

Panic ensued at Kasensero landing site in Rakai district as a 38-year-old man, who had been declared dead, coughed ‘back to life’ two hours to


Scientists say Indonesia cave drawings the same age as those in Europe

Ancient cave drawings in Indonesia are as old as famous prehistoric art in Europe, according to a new study that shows our ancestors were drawing


A lot of things went wrong for Africa from the 1960s and we got SHORTER

Height is a proxy indicator for nutrition and well being; data shows that Africans were doing better than the world prior to the independence decade.


Kenya court victory for transgender activist Audrey Mbugua

Kenya’s high court has ordered the country’s education authorities to amend the name on a school certificate of a woman who was born male. The


Artists sculpt crashed Malaysia Airlines planes

It is the crisis-struck airline that has seen two commercial planes go down in just four months, killing a total of 537 people. But Malaysia


Is organic chicken worth the price?

(Reuters) – Just because a chicken is labeled “organic” does not mean that the bird on your plate lived a bucolic farm life before you


‘Arrogance’ of ignoring need for sleep

Society has become “supremely arrogant” in ignoring the importance of sleep, leading researchers have told the BBC’s Day of the Body Clock. Scientists from Oxford,