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Mystery of who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls may FINALLY be revealed

More than 30 newly discovered 2,200-year-old skeletons could finally help to reveal who wrote the ancient Dead Sea Scrolls. Remains found near the site where


The world’s first floating nation will appear in the Pacific Ocean by 2020

The world’s first floating nation is set to appear in the Pacific Ocean off the island of Tahiti in 2020. A handful of hotels, homes, offices,


When I realised a homeless addict was my childhood friend

A chance meeting between two childhood friends helped one begin a journey back from drug addiction after many years living on the street. It was


French Spy mistakenly texts Islamist, blows cover

A French intelligence agent mistakenly texted information about a suspected Islamist extremist he was reportedly spying on — to the extremist himself, according to a

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Anti-nuclear weapons group ICAN wins Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (Ican). Berit Reiss-Andersen, the Nobel committee chair, said it was


‘HOO BOY!Yahoo hackers stole three BILLION users’ data during 2013 hack

HACKERS stole personal data from all three billion Yahoo user accounts during a cyberattack in 2013, the tech giant has revealed. This gigantic digital assault


The Nobel physics prize goes to the spotters of gravity waves

WAITING for a Nobel prize can be time consuming. Since 1985, more than half of the prizes in physics have been awarded for work done


Can YOU pass the ‘wisdom test’?

Ancient Greek philosopher Socrates is believed to have said the only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing. But a group of psychiatrists disagrees.


What activity, practised daily, has been scientifically proven to keep your brain 10 years younger?

People who do a daily crossword have sharper brains as they grow older, a major study suggests. Completing the tricky word puzzles often found in


Princess Eugenie was rejected from university…

Princess Eugenie was initially rejected by Newcastle University and then given a place because of who she was, it was claimed. Her application was allegedly