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STEPHEN HAWKING: Trump ‘is a demagogue’

What’s more complicated than theoretical physics? It’s not a trick question. Superstar scientist Stephen Hawking has theorised extensively about black holes and how the universe


Ex-Marine Charlie Linville Becomes First Amputee Veteran to Scale Everest

A Marine who lost part of his leg in Afghanistan has become the first combat amputee to reach the summit of Mount Everest, his climbing


Twitter is about to fix one of the most annoying parts of its product

Twitter is about to make a long-needed change that will make everyone’s lives easier. The company will no longer include web links or photos in


White Rhino vs Lion Pride

If you are one of those blessed human beings who has had the privilege of observing each member of the elusive Big 5 – lion,


Now experts say don’t change your password!

It is one of the banes of modern life – you finally come up with a memorable yet secure password for your office computer, only


Kigali: A clean city and an environmental friendly one

Rwanda as whole has proven to be a geographically well settled  nation that comprises of hills, mountains, volcanoes, plains, parks and other natural wonders. However,


The REAL da Vinci code

While the face of the Mona Lisa is famous the world over, the face of its painter Leonardo da Vinci is a mystery. But that


The sacred lake of Gana Talao

Every year on the tiny island of Mauritius a great pilgrimage occurs. Thousands of Hindus make the rugged journey to a volcanic crater that houses


The ‘founding fathers’ of Europe

Modern humans arrived in Europe 45,000 years ago but little is known about how they spread across the continent before the introduction of farming.  Now,