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Africa: Top 10 forecast Countries to grow up in economy in 2013-2014

International organizations continue to believe in Rwandan economy progress. On May 28, 2013 the African Development Bank with other African Financial Organizations made a list


International finance:The Bloodletting Continues In The Stock Market

U.S. stocks closed lower on Wednesday and Thursday. That’s not something we’re used to seeing too much lately.This morning, the bloodletting continues. The S&P 500


Rwanda:How to Invest on the Rwanda Stock Exchange!

Less than 20 years ago, the world watched as a paroxysm of genocidal violence wracked Central Africa’s land of a thousand hills. If ever there


International Finance:OPEC Out Put will remain same

Oil traders should not lose too much sleep worrying about what OPEC, often unpredictable and quarrelsome in the past, will do when it meets next


China’s Yuan hits new records high

China’s yuan hit a record high against the dollar today for the seventh time this month after the central bank set the midpoint at its


Markets are getting destroyed around the world

Markets around the world are deep in the red.In recent study done by the Federal Reserve of United States of America headed by Ben Barnanke,numbers


Europe’s Quantitative Easing

23 May 2013 Most people do not think that Europe engages in Quantitative Easing. They know that the United States engages in it, that Britain


India increases its investments in Rwanda

 This Thursday,23,May,2013 , a delegation of Indian investors headed  to the country of Thousand Hills to learn more about  potential investment opportunities.The delegation has been


The World Bank has allocated $ 50 million to Rwanda.

This package of money to be used in the angle  to helping Rwandans acquire  quality  services  sector to improve. The event took place 21, May,


Gatsibo Rice Processing Plant privatized

The Government of Rwanda through Rwanda Development Board (RDB) has privatized Gatsibo Rice Mill, a factory that processes rice based in Gatsibo District in the