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They are one of nature’s masters of disguise, using their famous spots to blend into their surroundings – but can you spot the predator lurking in this wildlife reserve?

The big cat was spotted climbing the tree

At first glance, the tree at the centre of the photo appears to have a darker piece of bark running up its tall trunk.

But a closer look reveals it to be a stealthy leopard, clambering up towards its meal – a tasty impala hanging in the branches.

Gerlach, 64, said: ‘The leopard was jumping up the tree to go and eat its meal. It’s a carcass of an impala that’s hanging from the tree.

‘The leopard was incredibly shy and I had to wait over five hours to take the picture. I was lucky to spot the leopard in the first place, and then even more so to catch it going up the tree.

‘Camouflage is extremely important for the leopard. When they go hunting it helps them to stay hidden so their prey – be it gazelles, antelopes, or indeed impalas – only see them very late.’

It comes as adorable pictures showed the incredible patience of a cheetah mum – as three of her excitable cubs tried to use her head as a podium as she rested.

Animal lover Janice Wei captured the stunning footage during a trip to Tanzania last month.

Her clip shows the young cheetahs vying for their mother’s attention by straddling her head and sitting on her backside as she lies down.

And while three of the tiny cats joust for position, a well-behaved fourth sits quietly in his mother’s bosom looking bewildered by the commotion around it.

The wild cat playing with its cubs
Janice, a computer technologist from California, USA, said: ‘The cheetah mother has four cubs and they love to play around together’
The mother cheetah looked resigned as her cubs repeatedly jumped on top of her and played in the undergrowth

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