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African Football confederation, CAF, launched an investigation on the allegations according which Rwandan football team, Rayon Sports, corrupted unnamed football officials who monitored the match with the LLB( Lydia Ludic du Burundi). The match ended with one score of Rayon Sports with zero of LLB.

Rayon Sports FC is said to have corrupted the Head Referee during a match with the LLB

The  CAF management  released a letter accusing the Blue and White team managers of having had suspicious meeting with of the Head Referee who monitored the match.

The meeting is said to have taken place in one of hotels, room 501.

There are accounts according which the Burundian Police has started investigating the issue.

CAF informs the general public that a full and inclusive investigation is launched to find out the reality and take adequate measures.

The letter reveals that results collected from the investigation will be released not later than March, 06, 2018.

The match between Rayon Sports and LLB ended with the victory of Rayon Sports with one score out of zero.

The match took place in Burundi