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According to the statistics provided by the Burera Hospital, this institution has 1300 patients who suffer from different kinds and forms of cancer.

Breast cancer is the most endangering cancer among women

Most of the patients are women who suffer the breast cancer. The interesting news is that some of them have made medical checkups earlier and get treatments and are recovering.

This specialized hospital provides free services to patients but its staff call up Rwandans to undergo diagnosis early for early and effective treatments and recovery.

The Director of the Hospital, Dr Mpunga Tharcisse revealed that apart from the breast cancer, the uterus cancer also threatens people’s lives.

He said that people of different ages come to the hospital to search for medical treatments about different forms of cancer they suffer.

The breast cancer is the most frequently infecting cancer as it holds the 50 per cent of other cancers.
The World Health Organization says that 1.7 million people around the world are suffering the cancer and 522 000 of them were killed by it in the recent past.

Experts say that causes of the breast cancer include the heredity (between 5% to 10%), wearing thigh bras and heavy drinking, acidic foods and getting older.

Dr Mpunga Tharcisse urges people who display signs of being likely infected by cancers to come to hospital and get medical treatments earlier and recover.

The fact that all patients get free services due to a special fund should be a good opportunity to people to undergo medical checkups.

The Butaro hospital was inaugurated in 2011 and has treated five thousand patients since then.

An eye infected by a cancer
An eye infected by a cancer
The infected people’s muscles
Rwanda is innovating its medical treatments of cancers
Rwanda is innovating its medical treatments of cancers
Different machines  and medical facilities in the treatment of the cancer a
Different machines and medical facilities in the treatment of the cancer a
Rwanda still needs more Rwandan doctors to treat cancers
The Burera Hospital
The Burera Hospital complex


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