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The Bugesera dwellers, who are facing droughts’s related consequences, are accusing some of the local farming NGOs for having delayed to pay them the money they worked for.

Bugesera dwellers are angry about the delaying of their salaries
Bugesera dwellers are angry about the delaying of their salaries

The locals accuse the COGEBAV for its delay to pay them the money they worked for when they planted the trees around the lakes as to hinder the droughts from attacking the cultivable lands.
Even the ones who got paid, did not receive the whole amount they deserved, local people told UM– USEKE.

They accuse the LVEMP (The Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project) to have withhold their swamps without giving them the turnover fees.
Their swamps were located in the surrounding areas of the Lake Rweru.

Another street construction company called VUP is said to have not pay its workers since February, this year.
They urge the state based institutions in charge of the social affairs to intervene on their behalf and resolve the problem.

The Executive secretary of the Rweru Sector Rwabuhihi Jean Christophe told UM– USEKE that the COGABAV company owe money to locals but he affirms that the discussions are underway as to find out a consensual response that is satisfying to the concerned people.

Uwiragiye Pricilla
Uwiragiye Pricilla

VUP officials said that the money has delayed to reach to the locals as clear and well established lists of workers are being made.

In the coming week, the concerned workers will receive the money they deserve, VUP officials said.


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