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Friday, 28,June was a day of grieve and sadness to Rwandans in general and to Brig Gen Gapfizi family in particular. At that day took place the funeral ceremony for Late Brig General Gapfizi that took place at Kanombe Military  Burial Site

The body of Late Brig.Gen Gapfizi arriving at Burial Site Kanombe

The sad ceremony was attended by different dignitaries from different high ranking institutions of the State.

Officials spoke about the heroic deeds of Late Gapfizi and assured his family that life will continue despite this unexpected departure of the lovely father Dan.

Stories highlighting the famous deeds of the Brig General Dan who is among the top former RPA chief commanders brought listeners to be emotionally sad.

Pastor Ezra Mpfisi explaining how heroic were Dan’ deeds

During the religious ceremony ,Pastor Ezra Mpfisi said that Late Dan Gapfizi was a real hero who defended the nation with all means possible.

He was nicknamed the ‘The Might Bull’ meaning someone who was very strong and mighty.

Gapfizi is known to be father who cares to his family. Soldiers who were under his responsibility will never forget his inner willingness to prove help and guidance anytime needed.

Here are some important dates of Late Brig Gen Gapfizi:

-1954 His Birth in Kabagari ,current Ruhango district in South Africa,

-1986:His entrance in Uganda People Defense Force,

-1990:With other RPFA forces launched the Rwandan liberation war ,

-1995-1996- He led the 7 Battalion in Kigali military camp. He was ranked Major.

-1997-1998: He was the Chief Commandant of 101 Battalion in Northern part of Rwanda devastated by Abacengezi militias. He was ranked Lt Colonel,

-1998-2002:He was appointed Commandant of 302 Battalion in Butare ,Gikongoro and Cyangugu. He was promoted Colonel,

-2004-2008:Brig General Gapfizi was appointed Commandant of Second Division of 204 located in Kibungo where he got the rank of Brig General in RDF,

-2011 Brig Gen was appointed Army Chief Commandant in Kigali and East province  replacing Lt General Fred Ibingira ;

-2012 Dan Gapfizi was appointed the chief commandant of Reserve Forces known as Inkeragutabara

-2013,June ,25:He passed away due to an accident on a car clash.

Bernard Makuza ,Mayor Fidèle with Ngarambe attending the funeral ceremony
Brig Gen Joseph Nzabamwita the RDF spokesperson
The daughter of Late Brig Gen Dan Gapfizi mourning his father on her mum’ shoulder
Brig .Gen Dan Gapfizi was honored as a national hero
Arriving at Kanombe Burial Site
National Flag
Rest In Peace Late Brig Gen Dan Gapfizi.

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