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Most people think breast cancer attacks women only but current studies affirm that men are vulnerable to that disease. Dr.Emmanuel Kayibanda, from King Faisal Hospital reveals that Rwandan men are infected by that cancer as well as women.

Breast Cancer attacks men
Breast Cancer attacks men

Talking to New Times where we got this story, he affirmed that one of the causes of numerous deaths among male patients is their ignorance and carelessness claiming that women are the only ones to suffer from that deadly disease.

According to Dr Kayibanda, men are not exposed to be infected by the disease unless their breasts have cytological similarities with the ones of women.

He advised people, both males and females, to look for a medical care in case one feels something is going wrong in the breast or has fever in the breast because “breast cancer is among cancers that are curable if treated earlier” Dr Emmanuel Kayibanda continues.

Men who suffer from this disease feel uncomfortable to interact with their fellow because of symptoms of that disease.

Normally, men’ breasts are different from the ones of women but both have similar tissues that have different shapes  and functions in women because of special hormones called estrogen they have.

Even if statistical findings show that breast cancers are still less important in men deaths, the situation may deteriorate if serious measures to treat patients are not adequate enough and early.

Breast cancer attacks men when a hormone called ‘oestrogen’ increases in men’ blood because normally women are the only ones having that hormone abundantly.  The disease is caused by different factors among which heredity and exposure of men’ chest to sunny atmosphere are considered as deadly causes of the sickness.