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The Board of Bralirwa Plc announces that after leading the Company through several years of sustained growth and development, the current Chairman of the Board of Bralirwa Plc, Mr. Boudewijn HAARSMA, will leave his position as Chairman of Bralirwa Plc, as from 18th, October 2018.

Mr Haarsma leaves the Board after 3.5 years in light of having accepted a new position at Heineken International as Managing Director of Heineken Russia.

The Board wishes to acknowledge and thank Mr. Boudewijn HAARSMA for the 3.5 of service and wise guidance that he has provided to the Board and the Company both as its Chairman and as Heineken’s Managing Director, East and West Africa, Middle East and Eastern Europe Region, in this position he was responsible for BRALIRWA Plc in Rwanda.

During his period as Chairman, Bralirwa Plc has grown substantially and delivered sustained levels of growth and profitability. Appointed by Shareholders as the Company’s Chairman, Mr. Boudewijn HAARSMA has chaired three highly successful Annual General Meetings of Shareholders (AGM’s).

Bralirwa shareholders have appreciated his inclusive and engaging style at the Company AGMs. On behalf of all shareholders and employees of Bralirwa, the Board takes this opportunity to sincerely thank Mr. Boudewijn HAARSMA for his commendable contribution during his tenure both as a Director and Board Chairman of the company.

Mr. Lieven van der BORGHT succeeds Mr. Boudewijn HAARSMA as Heineken NV’s Regional Managing Director East and West Africa, Middle East and Eastern Europe Region – the region within which Bralirwa Plc falls.

In this role Mr. Lieven is appointed to the Board of Bralirwa Plc and will succeed Mr. Boudewijn HAARSMA as Chairman. Confirmation of Mr. Lieven van der BORGHT’s appointment will be proposed to the AGM, 2019. Mr. Lieven van der BORGHT joined Heineken NV through Bralima Zaïre in 1993.

In a successful career within Heineken, Mr. Lieven has held Senior Management roles in Commerce and Marketing, General Management in Curaçao/ Caribbean Sea, Cambodia, Czech Republic and Chairman of Almaza-Lebanon, Tunisia, Ivory- Cost, Congo Brazzaville, Morocco, Cameroun, Jordania, and in Sirocco in Emirates.

On behalf of shareholders and employees, the Board warmly welcomes Mr. Lieven to Rwanda and Bralirwa Plc in particular and wishes him every success both as a Director and Chairman of the company.