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Because of her tragic history, Rwanda has lost very good people with incredible talents. Some of them are now genius doctors saving lives abroad, others are musicians entertaining the foreign souls.

Barbara Panther is one of those flying talents ‘lighting’ the world of ‘Electronic music’ in Europe with her unique voice, superb voice and creative performances.

Despite the fact that electronic music style is not as popular as R&B or hip hop in Rwanda, her voice is likely to attract more music fans.

But for ‘digital’ Rwandans who truly love music would warmly welcome her concert in Kigali.

One day when i played her music from YouTube to some of my workmates, they enthusiastically reacted like “Toka. Aba muri iriminati?… (Toka is a Swahili word mostly used by Christians rebuking Satan. Aba muri iriminati meaning Is she part of illuminati cycle?)

Barbara Panther never visited Rwanda since 1996, but she still holds mixed memories for Rwanda

At the end of this interview one will discover insights on her.

Barbara Panther the Rwandan female rocker

Umuseke: First of all, tell us about you because many Rwandans do not know you

Barbara: My name is Barbara Panther. I am a singer/composer of Electronic music or how I like to call it “African Futuristic music” operating from Berlin, Germany. By the way, you can find even more info on my website

Where were you born?

Barbara: I was born in Kigali, Rwanda.

How did you end up in Europe?

Barbara: My mother was a Rwandan refugee who fled to Brussels, Belgium. We live there since then.

 And your mother left Rwanda in 1994, right?

Barbara: Indeed

How and when did you decide to embrace the music industry and what are the achievements so far as compared to your longtime targets?

Barbara: Music has always been part of my life. I started to sing in a choir since I was just 6, and knew to play percussion when I was about 12 and sang in a rock band when I was 13.

After my trip to Rwanda I kept a diary and wanted to put all that inspiration onto music, so I bought some electronic gear so I could work myself.

That brought me to Berlin where I was able to perform my songs and got my first recording deal with a local music production house.

I have had the pleasure to working with plenty of different musicians and record on their albums as well. Now I am working on my second album which I expect to release this year.

When is your last time in Rwanda and your last memories of her?

Barbara: The last time I visited Rwanda was in 1996, two years after the Genocide against the Tutsis.

 I have plenty of sad memories, but also plenty of great ones.

The worst was the feeling that was all around…in one word, the smell of death. But the positive that I remember, the strongest was the firm spirit  of all the people wanting to rebuild the city and move forward with a smile.

The nature is beautiful and so are the people. I like the way that you call Rwanda “HER”. She made me feel very close to myself.

Do you speak Kinyarwanda?

Barbara: I spoke Kinyarwanda when I was there, but not anymore unfortunately. I do speak French and I noticed that there some French words in Kinyarwanda.

Are you married or you still live with your parents?

Barbara: No, I am not married and I started paying allowances of my home since I was 16 years old. I don’t live with my parents.

Do you ever plan to visit Kigali, and possibly perform here?

Barbara: It would be a great pleasure to be back to Kigali and perform for all the beautiful people of Rwanda. Would you like to invite me?

I would like to come to Rwanda and perform and maybe even record a video clip. Maybe we can make that happen!!!

Once you have been in Africa, it will always be on your mind. Rwanda is my motherland me and this made me realize how privileged I am. Rwanda is always on my mind!! Always!

Going through your bio on sound cloud, you are quoted as having “strong spiritual interest in Mother Earth”, what does it mean?

Barbara: I love mother earth; she is the gift that keeps on giving!


She performs in different fashion styles
She started her music career earlier
She is a well known rocker





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