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Today on RSE, the market recorded 64,400 BOK shares valued at Rwf 12, 472,000 in five deals compared to the last Friday’s trading session which was quiet with no trades recorded.

Bank of Kigali
Bank of Kigali

The RSE share index (RSI) remained unchanged compared to the previous trading session of 219.50 BoK and Bralirwa counters remained unchanged from the previous closing prices of Rwf 200 and Rwf 827 respectively.

BOK shares traded between Rwf 192-200 and closed at Rwf 200 whereas Bralirwa counter was quiet with no shares recorded. KCB shares last transacted at Rwf 175 while NMG and Uchumi Supermarket shares last transacted at Rwf 1,200 and Rwf 175 respectively.

At the end of formal trading hours, there were outstanding offers of 384,700 BoK shares between Rwf 200-210 and outstanding bids of 1,423,000 shares at Rwf 192.

On Bralirwa counter, there were outstanding offers of 155,500 shares between Rwf 827-890 and outstanding bids of 1,800 shares at Rwf 817. On KCB counter; there were outstanding bids of 12,400 shares between Rwf 175-180 and no outstanding offers. On NMG counter; there was an outstanding bid of 1,000 shares at Rwf 1,200 and no outstanding offers.