Banana Plantations provides me with 600,000 Rwandan Francs a Month-Rwamwenge – UMUSEKE – News indeed
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The young gentleman, 20 years old,earns 600,000 Rwf per month because of cultivating the banana plantations and sell fruits to near and remote markets. Rwamwenge Ephraim  told Umuseke that he started engaging into the business after returning back from Botswana refugee camp.

The Young Businessman Ephraim Rwamwenge
The Young Businessman Ephraim Rwamwenge

A brief historical background of Mr Rwamwenge:

He is born in Botswana,by a Rwandan mother( from Kayonza district) and  Ugandan father.The couple settled into Botswana for the Father to keep teaching as it was his vocation.

He studied in Botswana where he completed his secondary school with qualification in accounting studies. He is  international Rwandan as his background shows  it.

Once 18 years old he started engaging into business through copying from Botswana advertiser company to start his own company called Rwanda Advertiser  that did not prosper.

He did not give up and started a new one called Stratiweb, which he stopped later to engage into trade of banana fruits.

He told Umuseke that since his childhood,he heard about Rwanda and felt curious to learn more about the nation and willing to come back to it once possible.

His dreams materialized when his mother brought him home last year ,May,2013. He found Rwanda a welcoming nation  that has clean and awesome people  who care.

“It surprised me to find how peaceful people  Rwandans are.I walk with my smart phone and a laptop and none disturbs me.It is really amazing!” Rwamwenge told Umuseke reporter.

Rwamwenge underwent different challenges reacted to his business but  he remained firm with his entrepreneurship spirit. He invested 300,000 Rwandan francs into purchasing and selling banana fruits.

The business started in very difficult conditions due to frequent deficits but it sustained itself and it gave him over the double of the start-up capital he had invested.

This guy goes to the countryside to search for banana fruits  and packs them  into two lorries that bring them to Kigali markets. He does this once within two weeks.

He plans to do so twice a week,a program that he intends to start two months ahead.

“Currently  I gain not less than 600.000 Rwandan Francs per month. I encourage young people to dream big and implement systematically. Business is all about commitment and discipline” Rwamwenge advises Rwandan youth.

To be one of the most competitive young businessmen in Africa, Rwampembwe invested into mining companies, RWA(and),Aruna Mines and plans to expand his  new advertisement company  called FIKIA that is currently a business idea to implement later on .

“Africa is my favorite continent. Before I purchase I examine if the products originate from mother continent Africa. Africans must be proud of that” added Rwamwenge



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