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One of Arsenal superstars to attend the Kwita Izina 2018 Event

One of the RDB senior officers announced that one of the Arsenal superstars will obviously attend the forthcoming Kwita Izina 2018 event that is scheduled


Zimbabwe launches space agency

Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa has launched a space agency to help farmers, mine companies and cartographers, among others. The Zimbabwe National Geospatial and Space Agency


Ngoma: Unusual mosquitoes are causing bitter injuries to locals

These harmful insects invaded people living in Jarama Sector, in Ngoma district, Eastern Province. They bitterly bite locals during the daylight and cause seriously skin


UN slams ‘revolting acts’ by South Sudan government-backed forces

The UN slammed government-backed troops in South Sudan Tuesday for ruthlessly targeting civilians in opposition-held areas, killing hundreds and using sexual violence, including gang-raping young


Rwanda to get archives centre

Construction works have started for the National Archives Centre, a facility that will be the central point of reference for the country’s records. The archives


LeBron James: LA Lakers officially sign three-time NBA champion

LeBron James has officially joined LA Lakers in a four-year deal worth $154m (£116m), with Magic Johnson calling it a “huge step” for the team. James, 33,

Science & Tech

Being rich and successful really IS in your DNA

Success could be in your DNA, according to a new study.  Scientists have found social mobility is partially written into our genes, which can make


Cameroon sets presidential elections for October 7

Cameroon’s president Paul Biya issued a decree on Monday saying a presidential election will be held on October 7, amidst a worsening security situation in


South Africa ex-President Jacob Zuma’s son charged with corruption

The son of South Africa’s former President Jacob Zuma has been charged with corruption in a court in the commercial city of Johannesburg. Duduzane Zuma

Science & Tech

The 2026 mission to bring Martian soil samples to Earth

NASA and ESA are teaming up to bring a piece of Mars back to Earth – and have awarded the first contracts for the groundbreaking mission.