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The match was held at Amahoro National Stadium between APR FC and Rayon Sports, two rival teams that have more fans compared to others. Both teams were playing the semi final match before the final takes place on Saturday between AS Vita Club from DRC and APR FC that defeated Rayon Sports yesterday.

Issa Bigirimana and Sibomana Patrick celebrating the first goal
Issa Bigirimana and Sibomana Patrick celebrating the first goal

Both teams have lastly met during the final game of the Amahoro(Peace) Cup help on July, 04, 2016 where Rayon Sports won the match with 4-0.

The yesterday’s match was relatively attended by fans who faced the cold weather and attended the match.

Seven minutes after the match started, the striker Papy Sibomana from APR FC scored a goal after mastering the ball given by his pal Michel Rusheshangoga.

Five minutes later, Issa Bigirimana scored another one after benefiting from the Rayon Sports’ defenders mismanagement of the ball.

APR FC kept its pace against the Rayon Sport as defenders of the later were not as organized as compared to its rival ones. This advantaged the white-black dressed team APR FC.


At the 20 minute, Rayon sports got a chance to score but in vain as its striker Mussa Camara missed out the ball that was likely to enter the net of APR FC.

As the second half time started, Rayon sports’ middle fielders and strikers were more willing, organized as to win at least one goal but the situation kept unfavorable to them.

At the Rayon Sports side, new players were introduced namely  Manzi Thierry and  Djabel Imanishimwe.

At the 15 minute Sekamana Maxime won the third goal making the Rayon Sports’s fans more stressed and hopeless as to score back the three goals.

APR FC kept dominating the match up to end even though some chances to score back were  attempted by the Rayon strikers such as Pierrot Kwizera but in vain.

Players who entered the playground at both sides:



Goal keeper:Emery Mvuyekure

Michel Rusheshangoga, Emmanuel Imanishimwe, Faustin Usengimana, Herve Rugwiro, Yannick Mukunzu, Andrew Buteera, Maxime Sekamana, Muhadjili Hakizimana, Issa Bigirimana and  Patrick Sibomana.

Rayon Sports:

Goal keeper :Eric Ndayishimiye

Ishimwe Zappy, Irambona, Mutsinzi, Munezero, Olivier Niyonzima, Fabrice Mugheni, Pierrot Kwizera, Shassir Nahimana, Camara, Nshuti Savio.

Irambona Eric and his Rayon Sports counterpart
Irambona Eric and his Rayon Sports counterpart
Both teams posing in front of their fans before the match started
Semakamana Maxime and Munezero Fiston eager to master the ball
APR FC crew
APR FC crew
Rayon Sport team
Rayon Sport team



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