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If one believes the secrets of Robert Kraft, the Russian president has stolen his a ring worth $ 25,000. George Bush would have lobbied to avoid a diplomatic incident.

Putin Super Bowl Ring Football
A Golden ring

Nothing seems to resist Putin. Even the idea of ​​stealing a coveted object. This was told by Robert Kraft, owner of the eponymous food group, but also the owner of the football team, the Patriots, he was the signet NFL champion.
This ring, set with 124 diamonds and estimated at $ 25,000, would have been dispossessed in 2005 in St. Petersburg where the two men met.

“I took the ring to show Vladimir Putin,” admitted Kraft this week-end in the columns of the New York Post.

“He put and left. I reached out to retrieve it but he put the ring in his pocket. KGB Three men escorted him to the exit,” he described. At the time, Robert Kraft had turned the incident, speaking of a gift to the head of the Russian state
as a “symbol of respect and his admiration for the Russian people and its leader.”

Even George Bush has brought to be  accomplice of the thief, prompting Kraft to keep quiet to avoid diplomatic incident.

“A member of his administration has called me to tell me he was in the interest of US-Russian relations to remain  silent  and evoke it was  a gift.”

Putin camp obviously refuted this version. The ring is exposed in his  library in the Kremlin Palace.

JD Nsengiyumva Inzaghi