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Kigali, Rwanda. May 28, 2014. Airtel Rwanda has today launched the ‘Switch-On Campaign’ aimed at creating a conducive digital environment for Rwandans to thrive. The service targets internet users in Rwanda, allowing them a hassle free rich experience with non-stop internet supply at the most affordable price.

The campaign which has been launched on the heels of revamped data rates effectively summarizes the brands promise to enrich consumer digital experience.

Speaking at the launch of the new campaign, Managing Director of Airtel Rwanda, Mr. Teddy Bhullar said, “The internet is an essential commodity. Every user wants constant, reliable and affordable supply of internet. Most of our customers are faced with the challenge of choosing the right MB-GB package for their device and lifestyle. Airtel felt the need to fill this gap providing a unique solution for her esteemed customers.”

The’ Switch On’ campaign allows users in Rwanda to enjoy reasonably priced internet bundles. The service presents a rich new culture in Rwanda that allows non-stop data experience to all internet users.

Airtel Rwanda commits to provide the most innovative, affordable and reliable services in the communication and internet space. . The Switch- On campaign aims to extend Airtel’s internet knowledge to all Rwandans and empower them to achieve their full potential in an enabling digital environment which is powered by Airtel internet.

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