Airtel Rwanda donates equipment to Huye residents in Health sensitization exercise – UMUSEKE – News indeed
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Airtel Rwanda partnered with Huye district to sensitize 25 families about the benefits and importance of health and hygiene. The sensitization exercise that was conducted in Ngoma sector donated to 25 vulnerable families Iron sheets to be used in the construction of latrines for their homes.

Airtel agents donated the iron sheets to residents
Airtel agents donating  the iron sheets to residents

“We are pleased and humbled by the generosity of Airtel Rwanda in joining us to carry out this health and hygiene sensitization exercise. As you well know, having a health and hygienic society is one of the key elements that are known about Rwanda and we wish to maintain that for the development of our community”, said Ngoma Sector Executive Secretary KABALISA Arsene

NDABAZI Jean Marie, In charge of Social Affairs in Ngoma sector also said, “Hygiene is a significant aspect in our society and we do not take for granted the donation we have received from Airtel Rwanda. We shall make the best out of this donation and strive to have a clean and healthy community”

Airtel Rwanda’s Legal and External Affairs Director Brian Kirungi also mentioned that Airtel Rwanda is committed to serving Rwandans not only by providing the best communications services but as well as improving their lives through health and hygienic sensitization exercises like this.

“As Airtel we value the life of Rwandans, which is why we are here to extend this donation to help you improve your health and hygiene in your communities for a better Rwanda”, emphasized Brian Kirungi

In order to enhance sensitization, Ngoma residents were urged to extend the health and hygiene knowledge earned from the sensitization to their children and youth in the community.


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