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This three days’ long conference held in Kigali was held in Kigali with the theme “Unveil your full potentials to conquer the greatest African challenges”.

Those are the youth that attended the conference

At least 120 young people from different African nations gathered to discuss on issues facing Africans including unemployment, technology skills enhancement, among other issues.

Mentors taught them on how effectively these issues can be dealt with through the use of available means and knowledge.

Afflatus Africa’s experts, as the main stakeholder in this regard, trained the youth the key skills to emulate once one needs to become a successful entrepreneur.

The conference also focused on entrepreneurship, leadership, impacts of technology on development, volunteering as a way of eliminating unemployment, and Self-Discovery.

It was winded up on 10th August 2018 at Kigali Genocide Memorial (Gisozi) where the event took place since last Wednesday.

They carefully followed the instructions on job creation
Young girls also attended the three days’ conference
The youth taking notes on issues relating to development
They came from different African nations
It was an informative and up building experience