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International organizations continue to believe in Rwandan economy progress. On May 28, 2013 the African Development Bank with other African Financial Organizations made a list of countries that are potentially susceptible to grow up economically than others during year 2013-2014. Rwanda is ranked number ten on the list.


Financial organizations link African countries to pillars to grow up the economy.

This is a yearly report which assesses the economic situations of African nations and forecasts how it will grow up in the following year.

2013 Report edition shows that in 2013-2014 the economic indicators of African countries is likely to increase between 6, 7 to 7,4% mainly in West Africa. The growth will mostly rely on sale of oil, mining, agriculture and quality services etc.

The report also shows that countries of East Africa forecast to grow up in economy to the scale of 5 to 7%.

Countries usually with great performance in economy like South Africa have been affected by strikes that happened recently in mining sector that destroyed a remarkable size of infrastructures.

There is also financial crisis in Western countries underwent a Euro -recession. But South Africa targets to grow up in economy in 2013-2014 basing on serious resolutions taken by the Government.

Top 10 forecast countries to grow up in economy:

  1. Libya (11, 6%)
  2. Sierra Leone (9, 6%)
  3. Chad (9, 5%)
  4. Cote d’Ivoire (9,3)
  5. RD Congo (8,8)
  6. Ghana (8,4)
  7. Mozambique (8,3)
  8. Angola (8)
  9. Zambia (7,6)
  10. Rwanda (7,2)

This report has been designed by African Development Bank (ADB ), Development Center of OCDE, Economic Commission for Africa with United Nations for Development Program(UNDP).

Source:Jeune Afrique