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This happened during a commemoration event of the Genocide against the Tutsi held by the Abahujumutima Choir from the ADEPR Muhima at Saint Famille, Kigali.

Choir Duhuzumutima members
Choir Duhuzumutima members

The members of the Choir provided to a needy family of the survivors with a monetary package of 600.000 to help them overcome daily challenges.

Rudasumbwa Mugisha Ezechiel in charge of communication in the choir said that these heartfelt activities are provided to an annual basis.

In 2011, the choir provided different charity activities to different families from Nyagasambu and to the Nyagasambu Memorial site where the Choir provided a package of over one million Rwandan francs.

In 2012 the Choir provided a financial help worthy 4 million Rwf used to buy food supplies for genocide widows and orphans from Muhima Sector.

In 2013 members of the Abahujumutima Choir built two houses for the left-alone wives in Muhima .

According to Mugisha, it is the members of the choir who provide monetary package to the needy families, a package that will keep coming and increasing, he said.

This Choir provides a charity package every year for the needy families
This Choir provides a charity package every year to the needy families