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According to some of the family members of late Bizimana Lotti, the Singer of Ntamunoza( Ntamunoza meaning unsatisfied people), the late singer will be remembered with special commemoration and his art achievements will shown to the general public.

The Artist Bizimana Lotti
The Artist Bizimana Lotti

Artist Bizimana Lotti was born in 1949 and passed away in 1994 during the genocide against the Tutsi.
He was killed with his wife Kanziga Ildegarde and four children.

His nephew Dushimimana Dachim who is also a journalist at City Radio and Prof Maronga Pacifique are the ones who came up with the idea of setting up a special commemoration for the renown singer.

Dushimimana revealed that currently the committee in charge of the event has gathered between 18 and 25 songs. The singer’s album will be shown to the general public at the end of May, this Year.

It is planned that a special concert will take place to honor the singer and the publication event of the album will be held in Serena Hotel.

The concert will bring together many local artists namely Mwitenawe, Makanyaga, Man Martin, among others.
Bizimana Lotti is known to be a comic singer who, smartly, mixed  normal life related issues such as love and history with comic style of singing to entertain all categories of music lovers.
The Singer’s hit music include: Ntamunoza, Nitwa Patron, Ibyiwacu, Cyabitama etc.

This special commemoration for Lotti Bizimana is a good example for other families of late artists to hold special events for the renown artists who passed away in the genocide against The Ministry of culture is urged to collect and safely keep the artistic realizations of Rwandan artists, both of the past and of the present.