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The Minister of Heath Dr Diane Gashumba has launched inaugurated the construction a new hospital to treat patients from the Nyarugenge district. Its completion will be worthy of 7 billion Frw.

Minister Gashumba as she inaugurated the construction of a hospital in Nyarugenge

The Mayor of Nyarugenge district Nzaramba Kayisime said that the construction of the hospital will comprise of two session. The first session will end in middle next year, 2019.

The first session is meant to be worthy of 5.9billion Rwandan francs.

Kayisime revealed that the big amount of the funds to build that facility was released by the Belgium but the Rwandan government has expropriated that inhabitants after buying the land.

Globally the full completion is meant to cost not less than 10 billion Frw.

The Rwandan Minisiter of health Diane Gashumba commended the Belgian financial support as it will help in the construction of an important facility for Nyarugenge residents.

Some of the Nyarugenge residents are grateful for the facility as it will allow them to get adequate and affordable medical care from their neighborhood.

The Hospital as it is thought to be after its completion