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Two days after Madame Ford Stella Mugabo swore in to become the Minister in charge of Cabinet Affairs,today she received her new ministerial responsibilities officials after Mr Musoni handled over to her officially.

Shaking hands during the handover ceremony between the incoming(Ford Stella)  and outgoing(Musoni Protais)  Ministers in MINICAAF

The event was headed by Hon Dr Habumuremyi Pierre Célestin, Prime Minister.

Addressing the congregation, Mr Musoni told Minister Stella that government has entrusted to her noble duties that require hard work to fulfill them effectively.

“The duties you are going to handle involve to care for Cabinet meeting resolutions and make a constant follow-up so to be sure there are executed the way they have been decided to be” Minister Musoni advised  Stella.

Minister Musoni thanked all team members who assisted him in the fulfillment of official tasks he was entrusted to manage.

To the other side, Minister Stella humbly and wisely acknowledges that she does not bring something extraordinary in the MINICAAF but only improving on what Mr. Musoni has done so far.

The swearing-in ceremony  took place Friday in Parliamentary House at Kimihurura in the presence of His Excellence Paul Kagame, The President of the Republic of Rwanda.