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In Gakenke Disctrict , a Daihatsu clashed with an  Nissan Car but there ‘re  no dead person.

This wa a deadly accident

The Daihatsu was full of stones packaged to supply a nearby construction site. The accident happened when a Daihatsu’ driver wanted to pass by another car Nissan and crashed with another one that came from Musanze speeding up.

It clashed with the Daihatsu

According to Nsabimna Eugène a witness to the accident, it was a terrible event.

‘Thank God due to the fact that none lost life in the accident’ Nsabimana told Umuseke reporter.

The four wounded  persons were brought to Hospital by the RNP that intervened very quickly.

Traffic Police says that this kind of accident is caused by carelessness and over speeding of drivers.

The accident stopped free road traffic

Daddy Sadiki RUBANGURA