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On Monday,16, September,2013 Rwandans will attend legislative elections scheduled to take place from 7hoo am   to 300 pm. 


NEC President Prof Kalisa  Mbanda said that participation of voters is likely to be up to 90%  as according to him , Rwandans have got a clear understanding of the usefulness of voting their leaders.

Journalists asked Prof Mbanda why candidates are not allowed to criticize their opponents’ political lines.

Prof Mbanda said that the aim is not to criticize political lines rather to  show to the audience what are new inputs to the existing positive achievements, views that he shared with Dr Evariste Karambizi attending the show as an political analyst.

Prof Mbanda Kalisa affims 90% will vote tomorrow
Prof Mbanda Kalisa affirms 90% will vote tomorrow

Prof Mbanda appreciated the way political parties campaigned even though some weaknesses such as campaigning in unaccepted areas, campaigning using noisy instruments and starting campaign late were observed , among others.

We apprehended them and they corrected the mistakes, which improved accordingly, adds Prof Kalisa.

Albert Baudouin, a journalist, focused on the weak campaigning strategies whereby political parties did not explain clear and convincing political lines to their adherents and finds this challenging to voters who will vote without knowing what to vote for.

Candidates did not let the  audience ask for more clarifications on topics they developed, said Mr Albert B.

For Prof Mbanda, this is a weakness that will be improving as democracy in Rwanda deeply develops within people’s minds.

He said that despite this in some specific areas candidates allowed their audience to ask for more explanations.

Dr Karambizi advised the candidates to bring  written documents of political lines of the government and explain them to voters about how and why candidates will advocate for them to be achieved once elected as MPs.

Asked his predictions on the attendance of voters tomorrow Prof Kalisa said that 90% of the voters will be attending  the elections.

But some do not have their voter cards yet, reminds Albert Baudouin.

Monday 16,September,2013 Rwandans ready to vote
Monday 16,September,2013 Rwandans ready to vote

If though this is true we have set measures to help them get their cards in the voting rooms, but the most important requirement for voters is to bring their IDs and go to areas where they registered and carry out their voter cards,replied Prof Kalisa Mbanda.

Prof Mbanda reminded voters that operations will start from 7h00 AM up to 3 PM and provisional results will be published on 20th, September 2013 and final results will be published very soon afterwards.

,Prof Mbanda warns that in voting, none is allowed to use a signature rather to tick a sign to the person or the political party he/she votes for.

Observers will pursue all operations from the starting up to the end and in all administrative entities adds Prof Mbanda.

Albert B said that journalists played a significant  role in informing Rwandans on the political lines of candidates but criticized the fact that candidates did not let citizens ask more on the implementation of these political lines.

In concluding Prof Mbanda said that weaknesses observed throughout thsi campaign will be adjusted in the future as democracy will be growing   as a process.

Dr Karambizi said that Rwandans have improved knowledge and critical thinking on the political processes since year 2000 up to now, but urged journalists to keep developing people’s understanding on political issues.

Different shows broadcasted by Isango Star and Inkoramutima radio stations aiming  at developing critical thinking among Rwanda and develop a debating culture about different issues concerning the national life.

European Union,the Sponsor of the Show
European Union,the Sponsor of the Show

It is conducted by ARJ and IPP under the sponsorship of European Union. It takes place every Sunday Morning from 7hoo am up to 10h00 am but  is scheduled to start taking place from 2h00 pm up to 3h00 pm in the coming October.

The today’s show was headed by Mr Muvunyi Fred and Mr Barore Chrephas.



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