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Scientists of the World Health Organization affirm that tobacco consumption is more than harmful to both mean and women. The UN through its WHO chose 31st May, every year to be a World Day against tobacco. Statistics show that 6 million of individuals die every year because of diseases relating to tobacco consumption.

Smoking is a deadly addiction

Women are the most vulnerable victims of the tobacco consumption according to a recent report of WHO. This results from their genetic code that does not allow their bodies to resist from tobacco toxins. The situation becomes worse when it concerns women who both drink alcohol and smoke tobacco.

Avoid smoking in public squares

Their bodies are not as resistant to tobacco and to alcohol as men’s bodies do. That is why WHO warns everyone, especially women, to avoid smoking( for the ones who are not yet addicted) or/and reduce their daily tobacco smoking rates( for the veteran smokers) .

In France ,tobacco smoking kills not less than 200 persons a day. In Rwanda ,the government enforced a public smoking ban.Here numbers of smoking -related deaths at a daily basis are not very known. However, diseases resulting form  tobacco consumption such as tuberculosis are ranked to be the most dangerous illnesses that Rwandan Ministry of Health strives to eradicate.

Nizeyimana Jean Pierre.


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