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During his recent official visit in Rwanda UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon expressed his concerns about the achievement of peace in neighbor Congo, saying that, basing on the current situation, it is likely premature to predict peace in DR Congo.He uttered this  in during  a  brief press conference held  in Serena Hotel this Friday, 24.

Ban Ki-Moon responding to journalists’questions,This Friday,24,May

“I do not know when it will be achieved but based on the current efforts, it is most likely that these efforts to build lasting peace in DR Congo will be fruitful” Ki-Moon stated. This was the only question that he managed to respond to during that conference.

But before that question, Ki-Moon defined key points on his agenda, saying that peace and development issues are the milestones of his official visit in the region.

“Taking the example from the development efforts that Rwanda has made, including a Center for the Fight against Sexual abuse based at the Rwanda National Police Headquarters, an inclusive program to demobilize and integrate former soldiers, among other programs ,Rwanda is in a good direction. All of this demonstrates the ability of the President of the Republic of Rwanda, His Excellence Paul Kagame in his leadership” said the Secretary General of UN.

He was accompanied by the Chief executive of the World Bank,Mr. Jim Yong.It can’t go without reminding readers of that the World Bank has given $ 1 billion to the region to help in the  achievement of developmental initiatives undertaken so far.

Within not more than nine minutes ,the interview was over and Ban Ki –Moon calmly stood up and went for another official appointment.

Ambassador of Rwanda in UN Hon Amb.Eugène Richard Gasana
Journalist Rudatsimburwa asking his question
André presenting his question
Jim Yong Ki.World Bank
Body gurad
Stairs Sir!, Body guards remind Ban Ki-Moon while leaving Serena Hotel
Highly secured convoy for Ki-Moon

Daddy Sadiki Rubangura