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Western celebrities are amazing .many of them have been photographed kissing dogs in public squares.Here is a list of 20 celebrities kissing their pups.

1.Neil Harris,June,9,2013.

Host Neil Patrick Harris licks the dog from "Annie" on stage during the American Theatre Wing's annual Tony Awards in New York
Oh my God,Do you love me too? Dear Patrick?


2.Harre Berry

“Berry i will feature you in the next movie! Isn’t? Sweat heart?”


3.Prince William with sweat-heart Lupo Dog

Guys I am one of Royal family members! Do not take me easy!



“Carry me like a fire in your heart” The Dog tells Hayden .


5.Paula Abdul

Paula,I love you so much.


6.Will Smith

Oh Smith!your lips taste very nice:


7.Rudolph Giuliani kisses Thompson Dog.

Rudy kisses Thompson the dog.


8.Bill Clinton kisses first Dog Buddy

Mr President Do you really love?asks Buddy to Clinton.

9.Fran Drescher kissing Chester Dog

Fran Drescher
You are a bombastic lady!


10.Beth Stern

Miss Beth,Love me first,the other guy is messy!I am smarter .


11.Kevin Nealon

Love is not a Joke.


12.Maria Menounos

“Take it easy!”Maria.I am yours.

13.Sylvester Stallone

I am your bulldog Rocky.None will change my LOVE for you.Never!

14.Christina Aguilera.

White Aguilera loves white Gentledog’ Amazing !

15.Jerry Lewis

Jerry Lewis
Comfortably loved by my bodyguard.

16.President Georges W.Bush

Dear President ,what is Terrorism?I beg you Please !Tell me

17.Kate Walsh.

Kate overwhelmed by a tender doggy love!

Kirk Douglas

Mr Dog,you smell bad!Please brush your tooth!

Frankie Avalon

Frankie Avalon
So many days Frankie ! How do you feel my dear.I have been thinking about you recently!

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