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This Thursday, 06, June, 2013, RDB commemorated the Genocide perpetrated against the Genocide in 1994.

With a banderol highlighting the 19th commemoration theme that is “Striving for Self-Reliance”, RDB’ employees took a ‘Walk to Remember’ that started from Rwanda Library Services towards Gisozi Memorial Center.

RDB:’Striving for Self-Reliance’

At Gisozi, RDB contributed to Center ‘treasury with One  million Rwf to help it grow financially and technically. After Gisozi, the Institution smoothly proceeded its commemoration agenda at its Headquarters at Remera, Gishushu.

Akamanzi Claire honors 1994 Genocide victims at Gisozi Memorial Center.

Akamanzi Claire,the Executive Secretary of RDB, underlined the fact that  Rwandans should keep on working hard in order to become ‘self reliant’ in an effective way.

Pastor Rutayisire Antoine, who led the players to honor innocent Tutsi, thanked the RPA army for its fruitful efforts that stopped the genocide.

On behalf of CNLG, Madame Mukamazimpaka Hillarie appreciated the initiative of RDB to commemorate the Tutsi massacred in 1994.For her, commemorating is a daily action that requires one to take the event seriously. “Rwanda will commemorate Genocide against Tutsi forever”Hilarie affirmed.

RDB is a Public Institution entrusted to foster development in Rwanda through different incentives such as privatization, tourism promotion, and technology enhancement, among others.

Currently, different international reports rank Rwanda as one of the best conducive business environments in the world.

‘a Walk to Remember’ from Kacyiru to Gishushu.

Road security as RDB team walks towards Gishushu.

Gishushu destination
Let’s go to Gisozi first
The Fire for Commemoration keeps burning at Gisozi

Information on Genocide was provided to RDB crew to have a common understanding on 1994 Genocide.

Education is a key to fight against Genocide.
Rica Rwigamba in middle
Players:’Rest in peace’.You Our beloved ones.
We will always love you

Photos:Muzogeye Plaisir

Niyonkuru Martin