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Tuesday, 4, June, not less than 136 refugees came back home from neighbors: DRC and Burundi.46 entered Rwanda via Rusizi and are now sheltered at Nyagatare refugee transit camp in Nyamasheke District. Other 64 took Rubavu district as their entrance gate and are now hosted in Nkamira refugee transit camp before allowing them to reach their former families and homes.

Welcome back home

26 refugees from Burundi reached Rwanda and are relocated to their respective former villages in Gisagara District, in Southern Province.

UN commission for refugees in close partnership with Burundi officials provided material help for the new comers in order to adopt new living conditions. Bicycles to ride are among them. “The identification of refugees ‘former living places was the first step” Ndayambaje Bernard Placide, from MIDMAR told

“In our days able-bodied youth is the mostly interested to return back home”Ndayambaje declared to

As the period scheduled for the return back home for all Rwandan refugees approaches its end, all refuges are called upon to be back to motherland as soon as possible.

Vénuste Kamanzi